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Car Wash ????

Does anyone know what’s going on at the car wash on 23rd, just N. of Union? Last night I noticed locked fencing surrounding the property. 

Editors note:   The car wash was still locked up when we stopped by around 4:30pm on Friday.  We also placed a call to the owner, Chester Dorsey, but couldn’t reach anyone with information on this.  We’ll try back over the weekend. -scott

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  1. If it is only locked later at night, I would assume that the fencing is there to prevent negative late night activities. Otherwise, I have no clue.

  2. More than once, I have deposited a full set of coins (like, $2 worth of quarters) to start either the car wash or the vacuum hose, only to find neither of them are working. Some of the hoses in particular are as strong as sucking through a plastic straw. There’s no place to get a refund. I called the number listed on their placard and left a couple of messages, but enver got a return call.

  3. Dorsey’s operation has been shut down by the city for multiple violations of run off water pollution at both his “U wash it” places and his detail facility on Madison. I have often wondered about this as I ALWAYS see water with soap suds running off of his property and down the street into the storm drain. Nothing ever seemed to get done about it; until now. I know this to be the case with his Madison facility, however, there could be other reasons for the 23rd wash place such as activities at night.

  4. Me, too, on the “ripped off via change machine ($10), called and never heard back” Obviously I’ve never been back there since.

  5. So they shut the place down because of the threat of water and suds pollution? great…

    What about the horrible air and noise pollution caused by low flying jets directly over the city center? I can’t understand how this city can do nothing about some of the worst air traffic violations in the country.

    Where are the priorities??

  6. The pollution that is caused by all of that detergent going down the storm drains is actually quite significant. I agree that many of the jets do fly low, but our Seattle Silly Council takes action on what is in front of their nose and not what is farther than they can reach. Sally Clark & Tom Rasmussen are the only ones, I feel, that actually do something. I digress.

    You might be shocked at how much milfoil/algae growth can be stimulated by a drop of Dawn. Try fertilizing your lawn with it some day….It works well!

  7. I just saw this morning that this car wash is for sale…there’s a big sign up on the corner of the building. It appears to be zoned for a lot of different things.