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CDNews Police Scanner – 9/19

Ahoy!   Listen-up me maties, while I give ‘ya a wee tale of swashbuckling, thievery, and other assorted mayhem on the high seas of ye old East Precinct.   Arrgghhh!

0 thoughts on “CDNews Police Scanner – 9/19

  1. What the hell? Middle of the day mugging? This aggression will not stand. I hope they find these jerks. This is why I don’t walk south on 23rd and I want this to change!

  2. I was at the AM/PM last night around 10ish and there was a guy in front of me trying to pay for one beer. The guy behind the counter started accusing him of stealing a beer and at first, I and the other folks in line didn’t know what was going on. As the “customer” started complaining loudly and insisting that he wasn’t stealing anything, he turned slightly and we could all see the giant tallboy in his jeans pocket. Everyone started laughing at the guy and several people said “man, we can SEE it!” He left angrily before the cops rolled through. Not nice for the owners of the AM/PM, but it ended up being a nice little community-bonding with the fellow neighbors.

  3. I called that in becasue “Bibby Doll” totally went off on me while I was walking with my 4 year old son. I turned around to tell her to watch what she says and she threatened to get her gun.

    She is a constantly angry person that threatens many people in our neighbor hood and drives her car like its a weapon.