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Night Out Snapshots

Could we have asked for a better night to get out in the street, barbeque, and chat with the neighbors?  It was clear, warm, and we saw a lot of people take advantage of it.   

Here’s a few pics we saw as we toured around part of the neighborhood:

When Tougo puts on a party, they go all out.  They had musical entertainment, a bouncy house, clown face painters for the kids, and a lot of food.

Next we moved down the hill a few blocks to 21st & Union, where the folks around Central Cinema put on a big event with good turn-out:


On down the hill, the neighbors at 24th & Pike had taken over the street with lawn chairs, dogs, and a grill full of meat:


And our last stop was at 25th & Spring, just across from the new p-patch, where they had enough food laid out to feed a good portion of the CD:


0 thoughts on “Night Out Snapshots

  1. Excellent coverage! This was the best year ever for night out. We have wonderful neighbors!

  2. We had a great time at the Tougo and Central Cinema parties. Thanks to Brian, Kevin and their families as well as all of our awesome neighbors. Let’s do this more than once a year!

  3. Funny that the same officer also made the rounds to our block party (25th between Alder and Fir) and partook of the ribs and rolls and things!