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CDN Police Scanner – 8/6

The scene from Seattle’s East Precinct, from Wednesday the sixth of August, 2008:

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  1. Does the mantra, “It’s 5 pm somewhere!” apply to crack dealers and users too? :)

  2. It was my house that two people tried to rob at 12:38 pm today. (1500 Madrona Dr is not the exact address, but it’s close enough.) I was working in my second-floor office, when I heard the doorbell ring twice. I didn’t answer it because I figured it was a salesman or a Seventh Day Adventist. Then I heard funny “thumping” noises. I went into the adjoining second floor room, where I had a window open. I surprised a women who was crawling through the window. She screamed loudly, and I pushed her. She fell, I’d say, twelve feet to where her accomplice was, and who I imagine had given her a boost to the second-floor window. They ran away up my driveway and then north on Madrona. I only wished I’d pushed her harder and done real damage to her so she couldn’t have gotten away.

    I asked the police officer if crime was increasing in Madrona. He said these crackheads are like cockroaches– you push them out of one neighborhood, and they crawl to another.

    Watch out, folks!

  3. Thanks for the good reminder that second-floor windows aren’t always safe to leave open. I am glad you were not hurt and the burglars were thwarted. That’s one for the good guys.

  4. Wow, I’m glad you’re safe! Any update regarding whether they’ve been apprehended?