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Design Review Meeting August 20

The design review board will take a look at the latest proposal for the site at 12th and E. Fir (151 12th Avenue, DPD project no. 3004554) on Wednesday, August 20 at 6:30 P.M. at the Yesler Community Center. As always, attendance by the public and comments on design issues are encouraged.

To see the design proposal on file with DPD see and find project number 3004554.

PB Elemental’s Web site describes a building with 18 “true loft” units and 4500 s.f. of commercial space at ground level:

0 thoughts on “Design Review Meeting August 20

  1. Two major issues concerning this proposed project involve its apparent ignoring of the basic reasons for the pedestrian overlay for the 1992 Mayor’s Plan for 12th Ave Development (of which Bill is the chair of the Stewardship Committee). For one request is to set aside the requirement for transparency on the first (commercial) floor and another is to set aside the requirement that commercial tenants be attractive to local and pedestrian traffic, not closed up (law, etc.) offices.

    I will try to attent the Design Review Broad meeting in hopes that, as promised by DPD facilitator Bradley (Wilson??), my two objections will be brought to the attention of the Board at this meeting– in a serious way.