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CDN Police Scanner – 8/5

Looks like it’s going to be a hot one outside today.  Will there be heat on the streets of the east P?   Let’s see:

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  1. Disregard. My original assumption of Chaplain was correct.

    This is from SFD online dispatched calls.

  2. Ahh – that’s south precinct, so we wouldn’t hear about it. And if it’s only medical, which is probable, details aren’t given on the radio. In fact, we quit listening to fire dispatches because it only has synthesized voice versions of the same stuff that is on the 911 page.

  3. This is actually a good question. The 911 incident response site uses a lot equipment designations that are not included in the key on their info page. The key explains some that are obvious anyway (M=Medic, E=Engine, B=Battalion Chief, L=Ladder, etc.) but there are a lot that are obscure or involve guesswork. I’ve never seen CHAP before, but there are others that do appear from time to time that I’d like to see a description of. Examples are MAR, AIR, SAFT, STAF, etc. One can guess marine and helicopter for the first two (although I’ve seen MAR when it does not appear to be near water), but I’d like to see a list of all of them. Can you get this for us, Scott?

  4. MAR: Fire Marshal
    DEP: Deputy Marshal (I think)
    AIR: Air Unit, for SCBA (breathing apparatus refills)
    SAFT: Safety Unit
    STAF: Staff (for large fires)
    COMM: Communications Unit
    PTRL: Patrol Boat (I think)

    I can find others as I listen.