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March in Judkins

So here is a story in the P-I about a march.

And (please ignore the trolls) a number of Sound Off comments that it would have been nice had the march been publicized. Respecting the fact that everyone is not on the web, this is not dis of CD News. Rather, the comments are a dis of the organizers and maybe the papers. I also wonder if there are ANY radio stations that are locally owned and doing ANY public service announcements.

My first thought as a supporter of and contributor to many many groups: Why aren’t groups collaborating and co-ordinating and supprting each other? Why do a group of folks who have something to say have no connections to groups and people who can get the word out?

Glad folks got together in any case. Hey was this the weekend with ‘no march for you’?

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  1. My boyfriend lives in the CD and the only reason we knew about it was that we happened to notice a heavier police presence as we drove through the neighborhood before we actually saw the march. I couldn’t even tell initially what they were protesting; I wonder if they tried and failed to get the word out about their march or didn’t know about their options in the first place. If I had known about it beforehand I would have loved to support them in one way or the other.

  2. in the Promenade strip mall that would have put up a poster and distributed literature for this march. Sadly, we had to leave back in June, unable to cope with the escalating violence coming out of Toure Apparel’s posse taking possession of the parking lot. We watched craps games, drug deals and near riots from our front window. It became impossible to even encourage customers to brave entering our store.

    We started that store with big dreams, and we’re really proud of the line-up of authors we presented over 4 1/2 years. Sorry we couldn’t make it for the long haul.

  3. CDN is always right on point. I read the PI article before logging in to CDN and had the same thoughts. I was so excited that CDN addressed all of my same concerns…..Keep up the good work.