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CDN Police Scanner – 8/22

All the news from Seattle’s East Precinct: 

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  1. Hi, I got an email through [email protected] (Colman area neighbors… join up!) with details about the dog attack. Here are some excerpts (without commentary – part paraphrased, part quoted).

    The neighborhood Akita (@ 28th S & S King)… was off his leash and attacked a woman walking her dog. (He was aiming for her dog.) This had happened twice before, in the past, and the owners had been told about the previous attacks.
    This time around, Akita charged twice. The woman pulled her dog up in the air by its leash, then when she got hold it, she held her dog in the air, away from the Akita. … The Akita then bit both of the woman’s calves (lower legs), drawing blood on each.

    “A neighbor called 911. A fire engine arrived first at [the woman’s] house. Then three SPD patrol cars. Then a city animal control truck.
    “The woman was taken to a hospital. She had staples put in to control the tissue loss and bleeding. [The Akita] was taken to the animal pound to be killed. No one is happy about this situation. [The Akita] had a good family he lived with. They always said he was such a good dog with the family and neighborhood children, and he would never hurt anyone or anything.”

  2. I feel like I’ve heard the “he’s such a good dog and would never hurt anyone” line before from people whose dogs attack. Please, all dog owners, keep your dogs on leash.

  3. I was taken to task on this site for accurately naming some loose dogs as Pit Bulls. Please don’t just assume an animal attack on a person would be Pit Bulls. They are a sweet, very human loving breed when not trained to attack. Even then, they attack other dogs. I want to mention Pit Bull rescue, they rescue the babies that were used for bait, or just were born, not the attack trained dogs. I find many other breeds are more likely to be a problem than Pit Bulls. It’s the criminality associated, and the trained fighters that have created a problem in many cities.

    But, I agree that owners REALLY do not know what their dogs do when not around them and are incredibly defense and angry when asked to keep thier ‘wonderful’ pet under control. If you are scared of dogs — it’s YOUR fault that the dog gets that scent!

    If parents are that way, their children end up in juvie..

  4. Yeah, hysterical knee-jerk rants against pit bulls belong on the Stranger Slog. Pit bulls are an easy target — for some reason dog owners/trainers aren’t fair game. Thanks for bringing the big picture.

  5. This is actually pretty known Akita behavior. They are wonderful with their own families, but are very territorial and will go after anything they see as encroaching on their territory. This is why it is so important for Akita owners to keep their dogs on leash when not in the house.