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Coyotes in the neighborhood

Just saw a sign posted in the neighborhood on 29th and Alder about the death of a neighbor’s beloved pet cat. The cat’s vet said that a coyote killed it. So, keep your pets inside at night…

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  1. I was out on my deck (21st and union area) about 6 weeks ago and swore I heard one…my friend told me I was hallucinating! :)

  2. I see them near 23rd and Madison, darting down the alleys. I think several live in and around the arboretum.

  3. We now have one squirrel, something I have not seen here after just loving to have them in DC, to add to the nice raccoons on my street. I say nice raccoons because my neighbor tells me their cats get along fine with them. But, this squirrel is quite something, laying out sunning on the fence tops and generally hanging out…..eyes on the street and all. Don’t want no coyotes huntin’ my squirrel or raccoons!!!

  4. My kids just saw a coyote looking at them on 31st and Norman last Thursday. WOW……..this is crazy.

  5. I’ve lived on the same street for 12 years with my cat & had never heard anything about Coyotes in the neighborhood!
    120th & 3rd Ave S.
    In the past week my cat has gone missing & the neighbor has found their cat torn apart by Coyotes.
    My cat was taken right off the front porch. All that was left was his collar & signs of a struggle.

    We have noticed that the neighborhood is very quiet no crows & my other neighbor has found 3 dead birds in her fenced yard.
    Bu the cats are no where to be seen.

    Had I know that there was even a chance of Coyotes my cat would NEVER have been outside.
    What’s next the neighborhood kids?

  6. I live in the country. I here coyotes everynight in my woods. My dog Duke allways barks when he heres them hollering! This lets me know they are around. I have 12 cats outside and I Have a cathouse with straw in it for them. So far they are staying away.I think im goin to put some scary thins around the cat house too.