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Bicycle Found on Yesler Way

During my morning walk with the dogs today (7/9/08) I found an apparently abandoned bicycle on the sidewalk on Yesler Way near 25th Ave at around 6:45am. I first passed it near the beginning of our walk and found it still there when we came back around later. It seemed pretty clear that it had been abandoned there and not just mistakenly left out where it was because the spot it was at is not really in front of a house and is instead next to a large hedge. There was some damage to the back tire as well that made it unrideable in it’s current state, so my thought is it may have been stolen and then abandoned once damaged. I took the bike back to my house in hopes of finding it’s owner.

If any of you out there have had a bicycle stolen (or know someone who has) then drop a post here and hopefully Scott or someone else on the CDNews World staff can get in touch with me about how to try and return it to a rightful owner. I have purposely not described the bike here because I would like any potential claimnant to describe it so I can determine if it is rightfully yours.

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  1. There was a sign posted at 23rd and Yesler concerning bikes stolen from in front of the Douglass-Truth library over the weekend. Perhaps the two are related. If I pass by there today and remember, I’ll take down the phone number on the sign.

  2. I haven’t seen the sign, so if you pass by during the day today and can let me know that would be great. Otherwise, I will try and swing by there this evening after work. Thanks!

  3. From Craigslist posted two days ago –

    found: stolen mountain bike (central district)

    Reply to: [email protected]
    Date: 2008-07-07, 10:21AM PDT
    i found a ’90s high-quality mountain bike with thumb shifters and large-rise handlebars discarded at 26th and Judkins in the CD–obviously stolen and discarded. if you were recently victimized and can give a description, hit me up.

  4. my roommate and i had ours stolen in late June. mine’s a women’s blue Trek but tall, multitrack… 720 series i think. not sure about his, but let me know if you see one matching my description above. thanks!

    (the ballsiest thing about this is that they had to come up a whole flight of concrete stairs and past our neighbor’s apartment to go around the side of our house and find the bikes… they weren’t visible from the street.)

  5. kp: Unfortunately your description does not match the bike I found, but if your roommate can supply a desciption, then perhaps it might theirs.

  6. My bike was an old blue Schwinn. It had fat tires and was a coaster brake. So it only has one gear. Also one of the handle bar grips falls off or did fall off (if the theif wasn’t careful). My email is [email protected] Thanks! Lucas.

  7. Lucas: I sent you a direct email, but unfortunately it does not appear to be your bicycle either.

    Anybody else out there think it might be their’s? I called the number on the flyer posted by the Douglass-Truth library (per JRo’s suggestion above) but no call back yet from that person.