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Shooting at 19th & Pine

A commenter mentioned earlier that they heard “15+ gunshots” from their location near 23rd & Union. After digging around a bit, I found this report in the PI about a shooting around that time at 19th & E. Pine.

The shooting happened near 19th Avenue and East Pine Street just before midnight when someone opened fire on a Chevrolet Tahoe, Seattle police reported.

The victim was shot in his forearm, but managed to drive home. His wife took him to Harborview Medical Center for treatment.

They also say that the occupants of a car were detained, but no one was arrested.

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  1. We live at 21st & Pine and heard those shots, looked out the window and saw the Tahoe speeding by. Good grief…

  2. I heard it from near 24th and E. Pine but thought someone had set off a sparkler.

  3. Thank gawd liberal Seattle is so much more civilized and so much less trashy than that awful Texas full of rednecks.

  4. …From 25th and Madison and in fact, I was surfing the interwebs at the time and came to this site to see if there was an update and posted a comment noting the heard gunshots in the Scanner topic.

    Glad to hear no one was killed.

  5. Let’s compare apples w/ apples. I saw a gang unit frisking some kids later that night, all of whom were wearing shirts and shoes….

  6. Don’t know what you’re doing here (working for good?), but whyn’t cha go on and google “Dallas gang violence,” then “Houston gang violence,” … and go on from there. That should keep you busy for a while. Pardner.

  7. “Don’t know what you’re doing here (working for good?), but whyn’t cha go on and google “Dallas gang violence,” then “Houston gang violence,” … and go on from there. That should keep you busy for a while. Pardner.”


    Ha Ha!!!! GOTCHA!!! Guess what, Pardner? It’s not those evil white Texas rednecks that Seattle Liberals love to disparage who are doing all the gang violence (or even most of any kind of the violence) in Dallas or Houston or anywhere else in Texas. TAKE A WILD GUESS WHO IS DOING IT!!!????!!!!

  8. Sorry I fed the troll, guys. With neighbors like you all, I forget that people like Big Tex exist. Let’s hope he likes his community as much as I like mine.

  9. hey ‘Concerned’ –
    we live at 20th and Pine and called 911.
    what is “Scanner Topic”?
    is this the best site to put and to find
    details about neigborhood crime?

  10. Everybody, is makeing a big fuss about tha gang wars jumping off in tha community.This must be new to you’all,probably because your new to our neck of tha woods!This has been a on going thing sence 88..Its escalates then it dies down only to escalate again..The “GanGsters”now have access not only to guns but Knowlege to whom their real enemys are,not to mention with all the practice amongs themself’s thay have exspirence with gorrilla warfare tactics to move on whoever..In this political arena wher money “rules” an the poor lose the underdog often highly gets underestimated!!Dont think that its going to be a”walk in the park”to take over spirital grounds wher grandmothers an fathers raised Genarations,an not have to eventually answer to the offsprings..Inwitch in most cases are either labeled tha Gangmembers,crackheads,or whatever other stigma you place them under..Its jus the beganing..Like it go’s,never check the river with 2feet before you cross!!

  11. Learn ebonics…My clarity got your attention thats all that matters at this point!!..

  12. So what’s the war over this time? “Since ’88” means you’ve failed to seal the deal for TWENTY years. When do you give up and realize there is no winner?

  13. Bush,an his follower’s been at war longer than twenty years..”I bet your still proud to be an American”Have you won yet??Or do more innocent people got to die,than seal that deal?Im saying that to say black on black is a reflection of white on black…Change is comming dont sleep…Each one teach one,each one reach one..Its jus a matter of time…We fight back..We educate..We win..!!

  14. This has been a black neighborhood for years, why all you white people think you can just move in and take over? If you’re scared, go to church!