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Attempted Burglary

On Tuesday June 3, 2008 around 2:45pm someone attempted a burglary on my home. The burglar/s used my recycle bin to jump my 6′ fence and broke a window on the side of my house. Fortunately, nobody was at home and my house alarm scared them away.

Two months prior my SUV was stolen from out my driveway, fortunately, the thieves were captured and I received my vehicle back in good condition. Be aware of the culprits so you are not their next victim.

0 thoughts on “Attempted Burglary

  1. Sounds like the work of the 3 juvi black kids going around robbing houses of late:

  2. Yea. Its hard to say. When my vehicle was recovered the police found it up in Aurora. The main guy they captured was a 42 year old white male, with two people in the car with him. I don’t know if the car theft is tied in with the attempted burglary.

  3. I thought there were three people caught in May up on Capital Hill, but a review of the scanner shows a bunch of attempted break-ins in Madison Valley last week…

  4. The 3 caught are all underage, apparently 16 or 17 yo, and are getting released each time caught.

  5. Is that a fact? >:-( Where I come from, such kids would be locked up in a juvi detention center until they turned 18.

    Their guardians should be charged with “aiding and abetting.”

  6. If you want to find out about a block watch or start one up you have to talk to the people on your block. You might want to go door to door as some folks don’t have computer access or are unaware of this website. A block watch can be anything the neighbors want it to be; something highly structured with captains or something much more informal like a list of your neighbors names and phone numbers. The bottom line is, if you are unsure of your blocks status you probably aren’t on a block that has a block watch. There are several watches in the CD area, but it doesn’t do much good to participate in a blockwatch that is not on your block.

  7. The cops know which kids are behind this. 1 has been arrested for car theft so far but the other 2 keep getting off for the burglaries because they are minors. There 8 black kids that live with their disbled grandma in Madrona. At least 3 of them are doing all these robberies. They live by 17th and Alder. Don’t have the address yet.

  8. Okay, this is just speculation, but I wonder if someone knows more about this:

    About a month ago, three teens assaulted a person coming through the bike tunnel and stole his bag. Any chance the same kids are doing the burglaries?