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Rainier and Dearborn last night

Anyone know why there were 15 squad cars between Dearborn and the I90 interchange on Rainier last night? Apologies for the focus on crime once again, but I just moved into the neighborhood with my family and overall have been very reassured by the safety/friendliness of the neighborhood until last night…

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  1. Not sure, but wonder if it was related to the 15+ gunshots we heard around 11:30pm. We’re around 23rd and Union, so it’s a ways away, but maybe it something started near here and moved down that way.

  2. Don’t know if this is related, but a swarm of squad cars and a canine unit converged on 26th Ave. S between King and Lane on Friday eve (around 7-8p) looking for what one officer said was “a man with a gun on the loose.” The canine went into an alley between two homes and sniffed something out. I didn’t see an actual arrest take place (since I was preoccupied with other matters) but police did recover a black jacket and a gun that they took into evidence.