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Trash of the Month

If anyone ever wants to study human behavior as it relates to littering, my house would be a prime spot for analysis. I live at the exact distance from a convenience store where people finish their refreshing beverage or tasty snack and toss the remnants down on the ground, into the bushes, etc. And sometimes it’s much more exciting that your typical snack refuse, with past finds including stereo equipment, a GPS navigator, and the occasional dirty underwear.

But this weekend’s trash patrol rounded up something truly exotic: a 3 ruble bank note from the Soviet era.

The mind boggles at the history of this bill and how it came to be discarded on the ground in the CD (not to mention the question of why anyone would ever print money with a denomination of 3). Perhaps a drug deal gone wrong? A KGB spy’s long-forgotten emergency stash? I guess we’ll never know…

0 thoughts on “Trash of the Month

  1. Probably came from someone’s drawer after it was rifled when they were broken into. I wonder if something will bubble up from your discloser.

  2. I was thinking the exact same thing. When my house was broken into, the thieves stole my little box of treasures from when I was a kid — pins, medals, ribbons, my autograph book with signatures from all my friends in 3rd grade… it broke my heart, but I’ll bet that stuff ended up in someone’s bushes just like this. :(

  3. You could have an entire blog devoted to random yard trash! I’ve found bags used for selling crack rocks, potato chip bags, candy wrappers, condoms, soda cans, tissues, ketchup packets, etc. Not sure what it is, but I’ve never lived anywhere (including Hilltop in tacoma) where there’s been a total disregard for littering like in the CD. It’s totally crazy.

  4. I’m sitting here in my office at house, watching an older woman pick her nose for about 10 minutes behind the wheel of her car.. most likely waiting for her son (?) to come back who jumped out to finish up a midday drug deal. I said to self, “Self, I bet she’s going to throw that nasty-ass tissue right on the ground.” Bam. She did. Who ARE these people? Violating the most basic of right from wrong. She’d probably throw a riot if someone did that outside HER HOME. But outside mine, no worries. I’d love to take about 20 bags of doggie do and toss them in her front seat. Idiot.

  5. I’ve got a neighbor in my condo complex that cleans his car in the parking lot by opening his door and scooping everything out on the ground…classy.

  6. That is an interesting find. I ran across up a couple of photos and a heart-felt love note all in the same week or so. I posted them on my blog but nothing came of it. Oh well.