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CD Scanner – 5/19

Monday, May, 19th 2008

0 thoughts on “CD Scanner – 5/19

  1. How about expressing your sympathy to Hidmo for their break-in, doing some in-depth investigation AND a restaurant review for the blog by eating there and reporting back to us?


  2. Years and years ago I was offered sex in exchange for disposable diapers at that gas station.

    Seemed a flawed business model.


  3. Did you have to wear the diapers as part of the offer? Cuz, that’s a deal breaker for me.

  4. Did he strike again? Did he use his superpowers to escape his stick-weilding nemesis

  5. Police were having a hard time tracking him down (perhaps a cloaking superpower?). I don’t think they ever found him after he first materialized.

  6. i’m fairly sure that they couldn’t find him because he was dressed like superman AND green lantern.


  7. Great suggestion Andrew. Hidmo is great – not only for food, but because the owner is socially conscious and engaged in the community – especially with youth. The Friday night music events offer a great opportunity for kids to express their creativity and be in a safe place. I hope that this break in doesn’t hurt their ability to stay in business. Everyone should go check them out for dinner!