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Tent City Moves to Ballard

I was out and about today and saw that Tent City was pulling up stakes from their spot at 22nd and Cherry. They’ve had a two month stay at the invitation of Cherry Hill Baptist Church, and now they’re moving to the swanky world of Ballard. They seem to move quick, since its just early afternoon and it looked like everything was already packed up and ready to go.

Living just a few blocks from their spot in the CD, I can say that they’ve been good neighbors during their stay. We’d occasionally see their safety patrols, and even saw them out picking up trash a few times. Happy trails!

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  1. Visited Tent City when we took them the leftover food from the celebration at Miller Community Center last week.

    New location seems pleasant, well set up, convenient for busses: they could have got from the CD to there by #48!