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CD Scanner – 3/3

11:18am – Summit & Pine – Report of a topless girl out on the street, described as 20s, 5’4″, 100 lbs.

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  1. I’m the 3:02pm posting on Lane st! I made the news. I also got punched in the neck…who does that? And why do they want my $6 and crappy phone?

    at least I’ll get a new phone out of the deal.

    On a more serious note. The guys were young, about high school aged. Maybe 17ish and about 130-140lbs. Small guys. I’m 27 and about 190lbs, and in pretty good shape,(this is not my dating profile) and I would like to know if there are ramifications to me if I punch a juvenile? If there are two attackers and just me then I need to take one out quickly…no lite slap slap but I need to inflict injury and put one on the ground. So say I break some bones of a little punk kid, is that going to come back at me?

    The biggest shock was that they were even trying to get attack me especially at 2:30pm. I had never considered hitting a kid that looked 15. The cops have found nothing because the best description I could give them was two black kids with puffy black coats and short hair and I’m in the middle of the CD. That’s about as effective as punching some dude in the neck…who does that?

  2. Eeek! But I’m glad to hear it wasn’t more serious in the injury and property loss department.

    I’m definitely not a lawyer (though I sometimes play one to minimize billable hours with our corporate attorney), but I would think that self defense is self defense, whether you’re being attacked by a 15 year old, a 20 year old, or an unusually spry septuagenarian. Of course anyone can sue you for anything, and an unscrupulous parent might try to shake you down through a bogus lawsuit.

    And I guess there’s always a risk of escalating a robbery situation when only minor property is involved. Although they didn’t show a weapon in the assault, that doesn’t mean they didn’t have one hidden away that could come out if you started to fight back.

  3. That’s not funny.
    Did you stop to think about the possible circumstances that may leave a 20 year old, 100 lb girl topless in the street?
    With such little information I’m surprised that you of all people would say something like that.
    If you need to see some titties there are more appropriate ways to go about it.
    I’m praying for you.

  4. So did you peacefully hand over the money and the phone, or did they forcefully take it away from you?

  5. y handed the phone over because I didn’t want them to know where I lived which was two houses away and where my sister lives with me. Also…I forgot that I had cash in my wallet and simply opened the wallet to show them there was no cash…to my surprise there was $6. I signed off the money as my mistake and to the fact that I was still confused by the fact that these kids were trying to fight me. All the time we were moving so that the one trying to get behind me wouldn’t get a better position.

    I also thought that the chances of the cops coming really quickly and finding them would be really good. Until, when I was talking to the cop and gave him a description of two small black guys with black puffy coats…I realized then that the chances of getting my $6 and crappy phone back were really slim.

    I had also just watched the Central District the Movie that was linked to on this site, and I was reminded of the little 10 year old kid comes out with a big hand cannon. You can’t play “Duck Hunt” with that thing.