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CD Scanner – 2/29

The Leap Day 2008 edition of CD Scanner:

9:23am – Hit Run – Summit & Boren – Vehicle hit a parked car and kept going. An officer responded and found no damage, and a false report is suspected.

9:59am – 800 block E. Pine – Lady followed into a secured apartment building by an unknown man, who assaulted her and stole her blue ipod shuffle. Black male, 20s, baggy gray sweatshirt & jeans. Suspect said he was there to visit his aunt on the 2nd floor, but didn’t give a number. Suspect exited into the alley and headed southbound. Suspect has dark skin, 5′ 7″, thin build, longer hair, unbraided. Suspect possibly associated with someone else in the building before leaving.

10:26am – 3200 block of E. Spruce – Theft of an air compressor. No suspects seen. It’s described as bulky and heavy, so the thief should be easy to spot if he’s still out and about.

10:56am – 900 block MLK Way S – Car is blocking a driveway. Hazard warning on resident at this address, male, possibly mental, previously shot neighbor’s dog

1:00pm – 2003 Federal E – Uknown male is knocking on the complainant’s door, refusing to leave or identify himself. He did the same thing last night, demanding that the complainant’s kids open the door. White male, tan suburu. Turns out the man is trying to serve the resident with papers of some sort.

1:01pm – Seattle Central -Theft – Unknown suspect took the female victim’s cell phone.

1:15pm – 200 block 17th Ave S – MomSomeone is at a residence to pick up kids from their grandmother, but the grandma doesn’t want to give them up. Someone else has called from the U-District claiming to be the children’s mother and that they should stay with grandma.

1:17pm – MLK & Jackson – Police stopping to contact a possible warrant suspect

2:06pm – 2308 E Union – Someone is getting trespassed from the property

2:47pm – 23rd & Jackson – Man has been trespassed from Starbucks, refuses to leave. Black male, 50s, trenchcoat

2:56pm – 31st & Spring – Group of kids fighting in the street. No weapons seen. Now headed east on Spring towards Madrona School

3:01pm – 600 block 28th Ave E – Audible residential alarm

3:08pm – 29th & Spruce – Police are out with a stolen vehicle. ’95 dodge caravan. One person in custody, possibly others still in vehicle. Two taken into custody, owner came and picked up the van.

3:32pm – 28th & King – Caller says she sees her friend’s stolen vehicle. Driven by a black female, headed towards MLK. Red 2004 ford pickup. The owner has now called in and confirmed that its stolen, and he may be in sight of the vehicle at 29th & Washington. Police see it turning southbound onto MLK from Jackson. Now it’s headed back to 28th & King (maybe it’s out for a test drive?). Police are stopping the vehicle in the 200 block of 29th S. One taken into custody.

3:57pm – 1102 E. Spruce – Staff person at Spruce St. Inn kicked by a female resident who is still there. He’s declining medics

5:00pm – Arboretum – Report of about 20 people with a beer keg drinking in the park, just north of the tea gardens. Now that’s the way to start the weekend: a keg, your friends, a scenic park, and a classic Seattle rain. My friend Mark lives in that area – wonder if he’s involved….

5:18pm – 1400 S. Lane – Goodwill security forces are following a shoplifting suspect eastbound on Dearborn. Black male 45, wearing black and all black accessories. He started to become aggressive towards the security officers and they were advised to drop back until SPD arrives. He’s now screaming at security and has dropped the jacket that he stole. He may still have a pair of stolen jeans in his possession. Still eastbound on Dearborn, approaching Rainier. SPD arrived and took one into custody on Rainier.

5:26pm – 800 block of Washington – Narcotics Activity – Intoxicated male is on a neighbor’s porch smoking drugs. Black male, wearing white cap, cream colored shirt, and blue jeans.

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  1. better a keg than a bunch of cans. i’ve seen some pretty bad morning afters by the gazebo