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This isn’t breaking news exactly, but it was news to me. I had a conversation with someone else in the neighborhood yesterday. He told me that a couple of years ago he went to a community meeting and heard from some youth pastors and priests that a few key gang leaders were due to get out of jail (juvenile hall?) in a couple of years (ie. NOW). Has anyone else heard this? Could it be related to the mini-wave of violence around here lately? Not trying to be an alarmist, mad props to the CD. Just curiuos.

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  1. It’s certainly one of the factors that’s cited by the police – though apparently these are guys arrested mid to late 90s or so, that are getting out. So it’s at least somewhat distinct from a lot of the recent tensions among the younger (i.e. mid teens) gang set. But at least one of the shootings in our neighborhood last year was targeting a guy who’d recently gotten out of jail and obviously had some lingering issues with a few of his counterparts from years gone by.

  2. It’s a factor, but it’s been growing for a few years now. Crime trends are like the real estate market; they have an ebb and flow. Partially based on the economy, generation of kids hitting their teens, neighborhood gentrification and what not. A lot of folks got locked up for violent assaults in the late 80’s early 90’s, some of those sentences carried 10-15 terms. There is also a new generation of wanna-be’s that are also trying to make a name for themselves – there’s a mix of the OGs who are getting out and re-establishing themselves, and a younger generation of wanna-be bangers that are trying to earn their stripes now.

  3. Back in the 1990’s we had weed and seed weed the criminals out. The agreement was that the criminals, once released would not paroled here or placed here. apparently this promise has been broken. Time to weed the garden again.