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Neighborhood Business District Panel

The neighborhood business district panel at this month’s City Neighborhood Council meeting ( ) could well be of interest to us all, as we live near to developing commercial streets (Madison, 23rd, Union)

Ann Donovan used to represent the East District Council ( , ) on the City Neighborhood Council. I (and Jan Maloney from Madison Park) now share those duties. Ron Boddie represents the Central District Council. The meetings tend to be long and detail oriented (but they do have frequent discussions with Councilmembers, the Mayor, Department heads etc). In general I would characterize the meetings as “not for the faint of heart”, but the business district panel could be worth coming for (then you can sneak out “into that good night”).

Andrew Taylor

City Neighborhood Council
Monday, March 31, 2008
6:30 to 9:00 p.m.
West Precinct Conference Room
810 Virginia Street

March 31 City Neighborhood Council meeting includes panels on neighborhood business and on organizing multilingual neighborhoods. The March 31 CNC meeting will begin with a panel of neighborhood business leaders discussing the challenges and benefits of organizing business districts and how best to involve them in district councils. Anyone who is involved with a neighborhood business district organization, is particularly urged to attend. Then CNC will host a roundtable on how neighborhoods can address language and translation barriers. Any neighborhoods that are face such challenges are particularly encouraged to come and participate. Please help us spread the word about both roundtables and encourage people to bring their experience and questions.

Chair: Chris Leman, [email protected], (206) 322-5463
Vice Chair: Pete Spalding, [email protected]
Secretary: Dick Selin, [email protected]


6:30 Introductions, review/approval of agenda, approval/revision of Feb. 25 minutes (attached)
6:35 Roundtable on organizing neighborhood business districts (see background below)
7:55 Roundtable on organizing multilingual neighborhoods (see background below)
8:25 Reports of CNC’s committees
Budget Committee
Neighborhood Planning Committee
Neighborhood Matching Fund Oversight Committee and Citywide Review Team
Transportation Committee
CNC executive committee
8:45 Discussion (no action) on possible CNC letter on Seattle/suburbs transit bus funding (see below)
9:00 Adjourn

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