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More Snow in the CD

For those of you spending the day at work, away from home, you might be interested to know that it’s been snowing steadily or almost an hour now here at Central District News World Headquarters (elevation: 306 feet above mean sea level). But no need to panic: it’s still too warm for it to stick, with the themometer hovering around 36 degrees.

And although it’s kinda pretty to look at out the window, our canine mascot is not at all pleased, realizing that I’m too big of a wimp to get out in it for his daily exercise.

(and P.S. – if there’s any pro photogs out there who know how to get a good picture of falling snow, please leave your tips in the comments below)

Update: 1:18pm – I may have spoken too quickly about the temperature. It’s now dropping, currently at 34.5 F. And snow is starting to gather on rooftops, vehicles, and shrubbery, but not on the ground yet.

Update: 2:33pm – The snow has stopped for now, and the temperature is rising back up towards 36 F.

0 thoughts on “More Snow in the CD

  1. …of snow that is!

    Try setting your camera up like this:
    Flash, small f/stop, and long shutter speed.

    Also, using a spotlight to help illuminate the snow will help to keep it looking good throughout the exposure period.

    Good luck.