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CD Scanner – 3/28

From an all-too chilly, all-too dark March 28th:

9:21am – Broadway & E. Republican – Transient male is very agitated, told caller that he wanted to break Starbuck’s windows and strangle someone. White male, late 20s, big brown blanket around him

9:47am – 400 block Rainier S. – Man threatened an employee at a business, saying he’d be back on Monday to hurt him. Black male, 46, ran off to the South.

10:22am – Broadway & Terrace – Vehicle accident, and one party is refusing to exchange information

10:30am – 420 Boylston E. – Transient is inside the office, claiming he lives there. He has a pit bull with him and the caller is feeling threatened. Update: 10:58am – Reports that the dog is getting agitated and the situation is escalating. The subject was brought there by his mother, who is sitting outside in her car, refusing to help calm the situation. Evidently this poor guy has been waiting 30 minutes for a police response.

10:49am – 1228 S. Jackson – Fight Disturbance – Street people involved in a fight inside a jewelry store.

11:06am – 1725 E. Madison – Narcotics Activity – Person using drugs under the stairs

11:59am – 23rd & Yesler – 2-car accident is blocking traffic

1:15pm – 100 block 25th Ave – 911 Hang-Up – Caller said there was a disturbance at the residence, and then hung up. There was also a language barrier between dispatch and the caller. A follow-up

1:16pm – 1400 S. Lane – Shoplifting – Man in custody at GoodWill

2:39pm – 17th & Madison – Suicidal male out in the street, armed with a knife. White male, 30-40 years old.

3:08pm – 14th & Pine – Hit & Run – With injuries. Offending vehicle is still at the scene, but the driver has walked away from his White Lexus 300.

3:47pm – 1115 Columbia – Narcotics Activity – Security at Swedish has a man in custody for drug possession

3:58pm – 1100 block 16th Ave – Female throwing things in the driveway of a mental halfway house. She told the complainant that she’s been high for several days. White female.

4:00pm – 1407 E. Madison – Assault – Complainant said he was punched in the face at Payday loans by a man who then left and went into a nearby bar. Guess he wasn’t happy with his 150% interest rate.

5:03pm – Broadway & Thomas – Theft – Man stole property from another man on the street near Seattle Central. Black male, 40s, yellow hoody, 6′, blue jeans. Complainant is following the suspect. The exact scenario is foggy, but deals with money left in a car, turning around for a minute, and then seeing the suspect taking off with it.

5:08pm – Olive & Summit – Shoplifting – The complainant is chasing a white male who shoplifted from his store. It’s not clear where it began, but they’re now running northbound.

5:12pm – 1800 block S. Lane – Threat – Female threatened to assault a 77 year old resident. Left westbound in a red mazda.

5:41pm – 21st and Union – Armed Robbery – man robbed at gunpoint by 2 males. The victim was struck with a gun (no shots fired) – suspects are two black males in their 20’s wearing black and white coats. The victim knows the suspects.

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