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Shooting Assault Near I-90

I was really hoping that we’d get through March without any major assaults in our area. Unfortunately, we didn’t quite make it, with a man currently in Harborview in serious condition after being the victim of a knife assault shooting overnight.

Early this morning, at around 3:30am, a Seattle Police officer was driving down 12th Ave when he was flagged down by a man near the intersection of 12th & Main, in the area approaching Little Saigon. The officer quickly found that the man was suffering from a stab gunshot wound to the torso. The victim told the officer that he had been stabbed shot by another man in the wooded area near I-90 known as “The Jungle”. The steep hillside there has for a long time been the site of various transient camps and has seen its fair share of crime and tragedy.

Note that 12th & Main is a good 3 or 4 blocks from the area where the victim was stabbed shot. One can only guess that he was trying to make his way up the hill towards the hospitals for help.

The victim was taken by paramedics to Harborview in serious condition. A full investigation is underway, but so far no further information is currently available on possible suspects in the assault.

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  1. The Seattle Times is reporting a shooting that occured on Beacon Hill this morning.
    A man flagged down an officer around 3:40am at 12th and Main.
    They said the shooting actually took place in the wooded area west of that intersection.

    It sounds like these two events are the same.

  2. Thanks for catching that. We made a second call to SPD and confirmed that it as a gunshot wound, not a stabbing as we heard in our earlier call.

    However, I think the Seattle Time’s description of the assault happening west of 12th & Main is incorrect. There is no wooded area to the west of there – only the fairly un-wooded Yesler Terrace complex. Renee Witt of SPD confirmed that it happened in the area known as “The Jungle”, which is understood to be the wooded area around the I-90/I-5 interchange.

  3. Sorry, new to the area. Does “The Jungle” include the off leash dog area at Jose Rizal Park on 12th Ave S.?

  4. Not typically – The Jungle is kinda like the old wild west. It’s lawless because it’s hard to get to and not a place where normal non-homeless folks go.