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CD Scanner – 3/26

From Thursday, March 26th, 2008:

9:21am – 22nd Madison – Owner of a business is refusing to give the complainant her final paycheck and is yelling at her.

9:54am – 1819 23rd Ave – Man and woman were tresspassing in the stairwell of the apartments that sit on top of the Safeway. Black male, white female, no further description available.

11:15am -1800 Block of 24th Ave E – Caller saw a man trying to get into a neighbor’s house. The man left, and the caller’s husband is now following the suspect southbound on 24th. Suspect is a Native American male, 40s, wearing a parka that extends below the waist and carrying tools. Update: The husband returned home and reported that the suspect entered a white ford econoline van parked at 23rd & Boyer. Update x2: Call off the dogs – Police spoke to the man in the van and found out that he was there to fix the back door of the house in question.

1:03pm – 1400 S. Lane – Shoplifting – Adult male in custody at GoodWill. The man also has an outstanding felony warrant.

1:27pm – 1500 Block 19th Ave – Complainant wants to talk to police about loud banging in a neighboring apartment. (hope it’s not ghosts…)

1:51pm – 2801 S. Jackson – Man refusing to leave property of church. Was in sanctuary, now outside laying on the concrete. White male, about 30, carrying a plastic bag.

3:04pm – 24th & Lane – Domestic Disturbance – Black male, black female in light brown sweats are outside arguing, appears to be escalating.

4:22pm – 1128 Broadway E – Complainant has an ongoing problem with construction workers blocking a driveway. Today they left a huge pile of bark there

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