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Spring Snow In the CD?

I just received an exclusive report from our downstairs TeeVee viewing area that all signal was lost on our satellite downlink. The shocking reason: snow! In late March!

It’s coming down in huge fluffy white flakes, and my Ultra Non-Doppler Weather Station 9000 on the back porch confirms a chilly temperature of 34 degrees. That’s just 2 degrees away from the record low on this date of 32 degrees.

Summer can’t come too soon for me…

0 thoughts on “Spring Snow In the CD?

  1. Yeah, I was surprised to see big white flakes come down outside last night as well. And even more surprised when a man comes knocking on our door with a pizza pie! He said something to the effect of “I just need you to sign this” and produced a receipt of some sort. Alas, I informed him he had the wrong address.