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CD Scanner – 3/19

From March 19th, 2008, the 5-year anniversary of the Iraq war:

10:18am – 747 Broadway – Caller saw a woman and man in a verbal dispute in a car. The woman was trying to get out, but the male driver started to take off. Black female 30s, black male 30s, white Toyota Camry. Female did eventually get out and go into the hospital. 3 or 4 year old child in the backseat.

11:41am – 23rd & Yesler – Assault – Complainant saw the female victim staggering down the street, appeared to be beat up. She brought her to the fire station for treatment. No info on a suspect.

11:49am – 731 18th Ave – Parking enforcement officer came across a red Chevy Cavalier with the engine running and a man passed out in the passenger seat. Open question: what percentage of global warming can be attributed to drunks who pass out and leave the engine running?

12:05pm – E. Pine & Summit – Two men tried to turn in a tax return they found, but demanded a reward. They decided to keep the documents after their reward request was denied. Black male 40s, white male 40s,

12:49pm – 1400 E. Pine St. – Intoxicated black male yelling at employees, refusing to leave

12:50pm – Caught a guy breaking into a car at Boren & Virginia. Hispanic male, 5’6″, wearing a plaid coat

1:43pm – 2703 Madison – Narcotics Activity – 3 to 4 people smoking drugs in the park there. No descriptions.

2:58pm – Jefferson & Terry – Construction workers fighting. One hit in the face. Victim refusing medics. Assailant walked to a different part of the job site. Victim is a white male in a hard hat.

3:24pm – 23rd & Union – Assault – Suspect left in a white Suburban, southbound on 23rd from Union. The suspect made the mistake of stopping for gas at the AM/PM at 23rd & Cherry, where cops caught up held them at the gas station. Female victim said she was waiting at the bus stop when the suspects, female, drove around the block a couple of times, threatened her, then got out of the car and pushed her. They’re now transporting the victim to the AM/PM to identify the suspects. It sounds like they knew each other because the victim named one of the suspects. Update: Got a positive ID

3:34pm – 902 22nd Ave – Robbery – Male approached victim, told him to empty his pockets. Weapon was implied but not seen. Suspect left in maroon Cadillac, westbound on Marion. 2 on board.

3:49pm – 17th & Denny – Narcotics Activity – male sitting on NW corner either selling or buying. White male 20s, white jacket, black jeans. Caller has seen him in that spot multiple times over the last several days.

3:55pm – 23rd & Norman – Report of a 5 year old asian child running unaccompanied north along 23rd Ave. Police responded quickly and found him at 23rd & Lane. The kid is going to show police where he lives. Turns out that he missed his school bus at Kimball elementary and decided to walk home. FYI – This is a pretty brave & adventurous 5 year-old: Kimball is on Beacon Hill, almost to the golf course. The kid had walked 1.25 miles, crossing Rainier, and still had a mile to go before he made it home.

4:15pm – 16th & Roy – Narcotics Activity – Man buying & selling drugs. White male 20s, medium build, black clothing

4:43pm – 22nd & Columbia – Narcotics Activity – Drugs being dealt from two white vans parked on the block.

4:44pm – 501 Broadway – Assault – No details yet. Suspect is a black male, 36-40, black jacket. Victim is 45 year old black male who was struck in the eye area – he’s alert and conscious

4:59pm – 1113 25th Ave – Complainant says the suspect pulled out a gun on the complainant’s dog. Last seen westbound on Spring. It sounds like each person was walking a dog, the dogs became aggressive towards each other, and the suspect. Suspect is white male, gray jacket, walking a 75lb dog. It sounds like police responding to the 22nd & Columbia drug activity happened to see the dog-walking gun-wielding suspect walk north past the intersection on 22nd. Update: Nope – negative on that suspect

5:16pm – 1700 block 19th Ave – Burglary – Man came home to find his basement window broken. House hasn’t been checked yet.

5:36pm – 19th & E Denny – 4 black males, 16, throwing rocks at vehicles

5:43pm – 800 block 24th Ave – Several juveniles fighting in the street

6:36pm – Swedish Cherry Hill – Man came into the hospital for a broken leg. Turns out he has several open warrants for his arrest. Black male, 40

6:38pm – Narcotics Activity – SW corner of 23rd & Lane – two males dealing drugs

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