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CD Scanner – 3/11

All the excitement from Tuesday March 11th:

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  1. Are these 2 events merely coincidental, or are they related in some way? Seems like the cops could have responded to two calls at the same time.

    9:35am – 1301 E. Yesler Way – 1 year-old baby is locked inside a running car in front of Bailey Gatzert Elementary. Baby not in distress. Caller referred to pop-a-lock

    9:38am – 1301 E. Yesler Way – A female student arrived at school with large scratches on her face, and said that her mother’s boyfriend did it to her last night.

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for keeping us CD dwellers apprised of what’s going on in the area daily.
    I really like your sense of humor when writing (i.e. ‘the party’s over’). It helps lighten up
    what could be a very depressing site.



  3. Self-cooking crows have happened before. Caused one of the very few power outages at my house in 20+ years (Thanks, Seattle City Light!). Also cooked the transformer in our case.

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