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CD Scanner – 3/10

From Monday March 10th:

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  1. I was the guy that got to be a part of a “Strong-arm Robbery”. In normal language, this means some punks tried to mug me! In the middle of the day! On the block where I live!

    The kids could not have been more then 17. I would actually maybe even say they were younger, maybe 15. They were about 5’8″ to 5’10” and fairly small. There were three of them (the same lot casing houses?) loitering on 25th and King. It took about a block after walking by them, for them to walk up behind me and start asking me for the time, and then if I had a phone. I gave them a rough estimate on the time, but said I had no phone. They stayed with me for about another block, before jumping in front of me and demanding all “my stuff”. They did not flash weapons, so I kept walking as they seemed so young and little. They kept talking trash and demanding my stuff, at which point I started saying loudly, “Are you trying to mug me?”… I really should have screamed, but adrenalin got the best of me. They were like, “you are getting loud, and that is when one of them landed a good punch on me… the other one tried to get another punch to not so much luck, and I tried to get a couple swings back. It made them jump back and gave me enough time to grab my phone, and when they saw that, they took of running. Once I connected to 911, I started to follow them, but lost them as they turned to King and 24th.

    The cops were quick to get to me, but obviously, the punks got away and I’d have rather had the cops cruise all the streets looking for this little posse. My partner had our car today, otherwise I would have looked around for them, as I would like nothing more than these guys to go to Juvie. Where the hell are the parents that the kids think mugging folks is ok?

    I can’t say anything was terribly distinct about these young guys. One fellow had long flash black shorts with red flames on them, but otherwise, pretty normally dressed kids.

  2. Man, that’s a shame. I got mugged about a month back, two guys jumped me from behind hitting me in the head with a brick and tackling me to the ground, eventually grabbing my wallet. Not a super fun experience. This was in Hillman city, a bit south of Coleman city BTW.

    I’ve since sadly become a bit more paranoid in how others walk around me. If you see a suspicious person, or especially persons that seem to be tailing you, cross the street. If they follow then you know something is up and it’s time to high tail it or get on the phone. I know I always made a point of NOT thinking something would happen in the past, but well, obviously good thoughts aren’t always enough.

    Glad you weren’t seriously injured.

  3. That sounds like my boys. Working in a pack, otherwise much too small to take seriously. Only a block away. Sounds like they got the same M.O. as well, hassling you around, trying to get your phone (or making sure you don’t have one) and just hoping that you will be intimidated and hand over the money instead of actually needing to fight you.

    Yep. Short little guys, short hair. One (the leader) is very dark and round-faced. The other one is not quite as dark and rather ugly…like his man-face is still growing in. I feel like I could definitely ID, two of the three, and so will be keeping my eyes out and very alert for these punks to get them off the street.

  4. Hmmm…I was driving on that block at around that very time so I must’ve just missed them. Any guess as to where these kids are from?