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CD Scanner – 2/25

From Monday 2/25:

8:06am – 600 block 10th Ave S – Car Prowl – White male inside a dark colored sedan going through the contents of the vehicle. Black male in cream-colored puffy jacket, 40s, is acting as lookout.

9:49am – 500 block 14th Ave E – Disturbance – Manager of a building refuses to let the complainant into the building to visit his father

12:41 pm – 200 block 13th Ave E – Possible prowler – a resident witnessed a man enter his backyard. When the resident confronted the man, he ran off. White male, black jeans, black sweatshirt, black fishin’ hat.

1:11pm – 216 Broadway Ave E -Exposer – Man standing behind the dumpster with his pants down. Later seen headed south on 12th Ave, exposing himself occasionally along the way. Suspect has a black rim hat and long blond hair, possibly carrying a backpack. Update 1:52pm – Another report of suspect heading south on 10th Ave from Pike.

2:05pm – 1401 Broadway – Shoplifter in custody at QFC

2:29pm – 1700 E. Madison – Hit & Run in Trader Joe’s parking garage (not a big surprise for that tiny, nearly unworkable parking garage)

2:34pm – 900 block 14th Ave – Drunk Driver – Caller says his wife is intoxicated and just left in his truck, driving northbound. Red tape on the right-rear light

3:05pm – 16th & Mercer – Exposer strikes again – Exposed self to caller’s children while blocking traffic on 16th. White male, 20s, black hat, black clothing. Caller is following suspect to 18th. Police have sight of him near 18th & Roy. Success story: exposer apprehended and taken into custody, and he’s looking at a felony since kids were involved.

3:27pm – 12th & Jackson – Auto theft -A vehicle was stolen from 12th & Jackson and was last seen headed north on 12th, blue dodge caravan, two unknown race males, light skin, one wearing a skull cap. Evidently the key is broken in the ignition, allowing anyone to start it up and go.

3:27pm – 12th & Jackson – Girl Fight – A black female punching a white female. The victim left west on the #36 bus, the assailant was seen entering Yesler Terrace Apts.

3:53pm – 300 block Broadway E – Adult female shoplifter in custody at Red Light clothing

3:57pm – 23rd & E Union – Narcotics Activity – 3 black males and 1 black female in their 20s smoking crack behind the liquor store.

4:09pm – 500 block 20th Ave E – Caller says her schizophrenic neighbor is outside taking pictures of her car and house. Evidently all the other neighbors in the area already have restraining orders against him. Update: Another neighbor is now calling in saying that the man is on her back porch taking pictures of the house. She already has a restraining order against him. Black male, late 30s, light colored beany, light colored pants, with a camera. A detective is on his way with a DOC officer to “take care of the problem”. Another patrol officer says that he is very familiar with this subject and will be available to help.

4:11pm – Narcotics Activity – In the parking lot of Parnell’s. Black male, late 20s, 5’8″, 5’10”. Black female in the parking lot is making a purchase from him: Gray hooded sweatshirt.

4:57pm – 917 E. Yesler – Fight Disturbance – 3rd-party report of a fight outside the Yesler terrace community center. An officer shows up and asks for fire to respond to one victim with cuts on her chin and a possible broken jaw. There’s a lot of screaming and yelling in the background of the officer’s radio. Update 5:37pm – This is still ongoing. Medics are being called back to respond to the 2nd female victim who was found unconscious. There’s still a lot of commotion in the background too.

5:25pm – 9th & Cherry – Family Disturbance – Relative became very upset about the care given to a family member at Harborview. White male, 60, gray hair, green sweatshirt type jacket or jeans. He’s now reported to be laying on the ground, possibly with a gun or a butter knife.

5:40pm – Goodwill – Shoplifter in custody. We were worried that we’d get through the day without one. Now we can be sure that the sun will rise again tomorrow.

5:48pm – 23rd & Union – Approximately six teenage black males smoking pot in front of the post office. Now moving westbound on Union.

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  1. I thought I was the only one who laughed every time there was mention (nearly on a daily basis and usually multiple incidents per day) of someone bothering to shoplift at Goodwill, of all places! Why bother? It’s the same crime, so go somewhere else to get something NEW!

  2. “What does he do, Clarice? He COVETS. Do we seek out things to covet? We begin by coveting what we see everyday.” – Hannibal Lecter

    My friend’s theory is that they don’t shoplift at Red Light or Nordstrom because their routine doesn’t take them there, and they might look immediately out of place.

    I laugh every time too.