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Snow Covered Ground… Again

Around 7pm this evening I heard the sound of something hitting my den window. When I looked outside the ground was covered with a sleet/snow mixture. This is the fourth measurable snowfall this season. Now, I’m new to the Seattle area, but is this normal? People have told me that it snows about 1 day a year here, and I’ve noticed that when it does snow, the city practically shuts down. (Well, everyone but the least capable drivers stay home.) Can anyone who has been here awhile give me a better frame of reference to go by? And why do people honk at me when I’m trying to make snow angels in the middle of 23rd? Rude!

If you have any pics of the snow, share them.

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  1. This happened a little after 7pm when it came down just a bit hard. All the people got off the buses and just walked.

  2. As a life long Seattle area native I would say that the 2006 – 2008 (to date) number of snowfall times has been a bit unusual. Normally all the water and proximity to the ocean keeps us temperate enough not to get snowfall too often. For one of the furthest north major cities in America (not counting Alaska) we pretty rarely do get snowfall in the lowlands. It takes perfect timing of a wet front from the SW combining with cold air out of the NW to collide and make snow around here — mostly in the famed ‘convergence zone’.