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Slick Morning

Last night’s snow has hardened into crusty ice overnight, and it looks like the side streets are still pretty slick.

How was your morning commute? Specific areas that should be avoided? Leave a comment below.

Update: SPD reports that 19th Ave is completely shut down around Madison. Evidently several buses got stuck and cars that tried to scoot past them got into accidents

0 thoughts on “Slick Morning

  1. Everyone came in late today at my office. I heard it was a full hour commute from Issaqua to downtown! These California drivers need to re-take their liscence exam when they move up north!

  2. It took me about 40 minutes to get from our place on 25th and Pike to my work in Fremont (once I got my car doors thawed so I could open them!). People seemed to be taking things fairly slowly overall, especially on the downhill portion of 23rd heading north towards Montlake. Some people were having trouble getting up Union and were pulling over with their hazards on. Overall, it wasn’t too bad.

  3. If the buses couldn’t make it back last nite, I can’t see it being any better this evening so I’d rather not get stuck out again