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Development Update

Things are picking up again at the city planning department after the holiday slowdown. Here’s what’s new:

1412 24th Ave – Application to subdivide the property to build a duplex and a single family residence on the property. Existing house will be removed.

1804 25th Ave – Design review for 4 residential units. This is a vacant lot with some nice trees, and evidently one is an “exceptional tree” that makes the property an environmentally critical area.

– MLK & E. Union – There’s no official applications yet, but last night at the Central Area Neighborhood Plan meeting a representative from the Madrona Company announced that they’re planning to redevelop the block on MLK and Union across the street from the Grocery Outlet. The location includes both the old green apartment building and the vacant lot on the corner. The new building would contain median and lower income housing and possibly some commercial buildings. Nothing has been finalized, but they want to get people’s ideas to see what the neighborhood needs, so let them know if you have any strong opinions.

502 21st Ave – Application to subdivide a property where 4 townhouses are already under construction.

1117 12th Ave – Cafe Presse is applying to have put tables out along the sidewalk. That should be nice once the weather turns better, and if you haven’t tried Cafe Presse yet, go today. Very tasty food and a nice little cafe atmosphere.

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