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CD Scanner – 1/18

Another sleepy day so far on the scanner:

10:07am – unknown location – Disturbance – Man in a business is suicidal, threatening security officers, throwing stuff around the premises, and taking off his clothes

11:57am – 20th & E. Jefferson St. – Disturbance on a Metro bus – Driver needs help removing a passenger who’s causing problems

12:20pm – 1700 block of 39th – Fire on the scene with a DOA. Unclear why police would need to respond

12:33pm – Volunteers for the mail run? (we really send uniformed officers for this??)

1:32pm – 1800 block of E. Pike – Silent hold-up alarm at a business. Later cancelled.

1:36pm – 1700 block of 19th Ave – Threat – Complainant’s boyfriend drove past several minutes ago, then called to inform her that he planned to assault her

1:41pm – 1100 block of 20th S. – Burglary – Alarm triggered on basement window. Homeowner came to find that it had been broken into. Police found house to be empty

2:03pm – 2000 block of E. Madison – Person assaulted by a white female who was known to the victim. Suspect currently waiting at a bus stop (note to perps: metro buses aren’t the best choice for your getaway plans). UPDATE: Suspect achieved getaway on the bus! cdnews humbled!

3:33pm – 900 block of 28th S – 911 Hangup call, heard “you know what” yelled in the background before disconnect (not sure if that was literal, of clean radio speak for f***). Later call reveals that there’s a physical altercation between a 16 year old girl and her dad.

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