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CD Scanner – 1/23

From a beautifully sunny Wednesday, January 23rd:

10:39am – 1300 block of E Union – Lady that was trespassed from a building is now back outside smoking crack. Black female, 35 years old, 240 pounds

11:33am – Bailey Boushay House – Threat – Patient made a threat of violence against a staff worker

11:35am – Cherry & Minor – Hit & Run – Suspect vehicle is a silver Audi A4 – Last seen westbound on Cherry

11:52am – 23rd & Olive – Accident between metro bus and school bus. No injuries. (Here’s the ad you’d see on late night TV: “Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday! The most brutal bus vs. bus action in the nation. Watch the feature match between Articulated Metro and Big Yellow School Bus. And a special guest appearance by Community Transitus and Short Bus! Only at the Tacoma Dome!)

2:20pm – Broadway & E. John – Car vs. Pedestrian Accident – White male has injury to his leg, experiencing pain, alert and conscious

4:10pm – 18th & Jefferson – One man detained at the bus stop with a plastic weapon, originally described as white male, 60’s, later updated to black male, 60s. Unclear what the original offense was, but the description mismatch was caused because the complainant “Got a better view of his rear than his face”.

4:15pm – 17th & Madison – Two males fighting outside the Madison Market, where the front door was shattered in the process. One suspect headed west on Madison, described as black male, juvenile, slim build, green jacket.

4:18pm – Harvard Ave Apartments – Uninvited white male is in an apartment and refusing to leave

4:22pm – 17th & Yesler – Suspicious Circumstance – White female putting a screaming black child into a black car.

4:38pm – I-5 & Lakeview – Property Damage – Report of a white male tagging a retaining wall that serves as the side of an apartment building. Gray hoody, dark pants, caller was driving by on I-5 (good eye!)

4:44pm – 434 Broadway E. – Report of 3 males in front of Starbucks doing drugs. Asian male, 20s, wearing a wicker basket over one shoulder.

4:59pm – Harborview – Man approached a patient and asked him “Where’s the change”, then absconded with cough syrup from the tray of the patient’s wheel chair. Suspect described as black male 20-30, dark blue sweatshirt, bluejeans. Direction of travel unknown.

5:42pm – 1800 block of Broadway – Fight/Disturbance/Vehicle-Pedestrian Accident. Car hits pedestrian, person in car jumps out and starts fighting the victim. Both start hitting each other with fists. Victim: white male, 30s red pants. Assailant: black male, 20s, jeans.

5:51pm – 2500 block of Union – Disturbance/Hang-up – 911 received a hang up call. Person later called back and a disturbance could be heard in the background before call was disconnected again.

6:02pm – 100 block of Melrose E. – Suspicious circumstance – Woman called a crisis hotline and asked how to clean blood out of a tub. The source of the blood was from a male who had slit his wrists.

6:16pm – 23rd & Union – 20-30 people gathering near the intersection, blocking some lanes of travel. Officers arrived to find no one there.

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