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CD Scanner – 1/22

Here’s the fun for Tuesday 1/22 (with pictures!)

9:22am – Boylston & Madison – Vehicle/Pedestrian accident. Appears to be pretty bad, as 3 fire/medic units have responded to the scene.

10:36am – 23rd & Union – Officer-involved accident. Minor damage, no injuries

11:25am – 100 block of Melrose E – “Need fire for an apparent natural”

11:38am – 23rd & Cherry – Stolen vehicle found occupied at AM/PM. 3 subjects inside, young black males either junior high or early high school age. They all had their book bags and were dressed like they were on their way to school. All taken into custody.

12:04pm – 400 block 31st Ave E. – Anonymous caller reports that several people are outside yelling.

12:13pm – 2220 E. Union – Shoplifted beer from mini-mart. Suspect, black male 22-30, headed south on 23rd Ave

12:13pm – 2220 E. Union – Shoplifted beer from mini-mart. Suspect, black male 22-30 wearing a fur coat (real fur? faux fur?), headed south on 23rd Ave

12:44pm – Burglary call – 1000 Lake Washington Blvd Japanese Tea Gardens

1:16pm – Madrona Elementary – Suspect, who is known to carry weapons and lives near the school, making threats against someone at the school.

1:52pm – 15th & E. Columbia – Hit & Run – Impacted a parked, unoccupied vehicle. Offending vehicle last seen heading south on 15th

2:03pm – 300 block of 20th Ave – Officers flagged down by woman who said she was hit by a beer can thrown by the occupant of an apartment.

2:25pm – Minor Elementary School – Father needs to speak to police. His child was expelled because of comments about a teacher, who the child claims to have had sex with (?!)

2:45pm – 400 block of Boren – Resident of an apartment was threatened by a person doing work on the apartment. Yelling heard in the background.

2:56pm – 8405 35th Ave NE – Bank of America – Man wearing a ski mask walked into the bank. Teller pressed holdup button, and was in contact with police on the phone. Vehicle described as white accura sedan Illinois plate. White male, 5’8″, 140lbs. Possibly involved in a previous bank robbery in Redmond.

3:40pm – 1700 block of 31st – Man seen taking mail out of a neighbor’s mailbox. White male, green jacket, blue jeans, possibly in his 20s.

4:05pm – Goodwill – Security chasing a shoplifter who drove away westbound in a brown oldsmobile SUV

4:45pm – 400 block of 11th Ave – Suspicious circumstances – Caller’s cousin arrived home with blood on his clothes and a stab wound to the arm. He left for the hospital, but left a 3-year old son behind and no explanation for his situation.

4:49pm – 110 Boren Ave S. – Assault – Man on pay phone says he was cut by his father, possibly at a residence in the 1100 block of 15th Ave E where the suspect is thought to still be located.

4:57pm – 400 block of 15th Ave E – Suspicious Person – Caller spots a man that looks like both a transient and the 15th & Howell killer. Described as a white male, mid 20s, blue hoody, green kaki pants, carrying a blue pillow, red/white table cloth, and a pink club (?). And we all thought that he was safely locked up in the Monroe correctional facility. Crusty cop: “Copy, maybe they could tune into the news about the person of interest.” Dispatch: “Yeah, my thoughts, but what are ya gonna do”.

5;42pm- 700 block 28th Ave S. – Shots fired Kids playing with fireworks. May have some from direction of 28th & Dearborn

6:34pm – 1500 block of 24th Ave – Someone threw a rock at the complainant’s window from the alley, failing to break it. Suspect was not seen.

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