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How Wet Was It?

Via the slog, here’s some interesting graphs from Seattle Public Utilities that compares our most recent storm with the big rain and wind storm from December of last year.

The first image compares the amount of rain that fell in a 30 minute between 2006 and 2007, with 2006 clearly being the winner at .7 inches vs. .2. However, when you count the rain from a full 24 hour period, this year’s storm wins with about 4 inches for our neighborhood vs. about 2 from last year.

In spite of the hard data, I have to say that the 2006 storm was way worse for our area than the one we had earlier in the week. I remember seeing 23rd Avenue being turned into a rushing river last year, from curb to curb. And of course it was far more tragic, with the loss of life that occurred in Madison Valley.

How was your storm experience? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. The Mayor asserts that he is not going to get involved in any ‘billion’ dollar reno of the sewar and water drainage infrastructure.

    Instead we continue to dig more pits in the ground. Talking with a member of a town planning commission in the Pheonix area where they get monsoons twice a year, he was HORRIFIED at our lack of continuous, systemic water management, capture and containment strategies.

    I’m on the hill above mad valley. We could have a cistern in the right of way in the center of each block. Every playfield could be below grade to catch water. Yes, the combined water and sewer line ought to be seperated, but there is a long set of actions between repeated $20 million pits in the ground at the bottom of the valley and a billion dollar public works project.

  2. It appears that the city’s system can handle alot of water, just not in a short period of time. Something needs to be done so that the drainage system can handle both. I feel for those that live in the low areas of that neighborhood. I can’t imagine having to deal with a flooded basement every time the heavy rains come. Holes in the ground might not cut it.