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EPCPC Meeting Notes

The East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition (EPCPC) is a non-profit organization aimed at bringing the community and police department together to address issues regarding public safety. Today the December meeting was held. In attendance were Captain Paul McDonagh of the East Precinct and Diane Davis, manager with the city’s Code Compliance Unit.

Diane announced some changes to the code violations fee schedule.

Housing Code: The fine for violations has changed from $15/day to $150/day. After 10 days of noncompliance, the fine jumps to $500/day.

Land Use Code: The fine for violations has changed from $75/day to $150/day. After 10 days of noncompliance, the fine jumps to $500/day.

Weed and Vegetation Ordinance: An offense of this ordinance has been changed to a citation. If a citation is given, the fine is $150 for first time offenders. After 10 days, the fine jumps to $500.

For any questions about code enforcement see the DPD codes page.

Captain McDonagh announced that beginning in January, the East Precinct’s boundaries will change. They lose about 15 blocks of geographical area. A map is not available at this time. Smaller boundaries = more officers per area. The entire SPD’s precinct boundaries have been redistricted to better allocate resources and put the officers where they are needed most. They are also implementing a new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system that is supposed to better the reaction time to calls. Also, the normal work shifts for officers has changed from a 9 hour shift to a 10 hour shift. Captain McDonagh seems to feel that all of these changes will strengthen the East Precinct and their ability to stop crime.

He also gave some updates on some crimes they are dealing with. He was unable to give all of the information that the police have.

27th and Pine Shooting: They have a suspect. They are certain that it was targeted violence and not random. The shooter knows the victim.

Kids with Guns at 23rd and Jackson: They have nothing. When officers arrived on the scene, the kids had dispersed.

Broadway and Jefferson Bus Stop: This has been an area with lots of drug activity. Three arrests have been made this week. The bus stop will be moved away from any visible drug activity. A definite site has not been named.

Shooting at Sugar: The gunman has been identified. The city’s attorneys have asked the Liquor Enforcement Office for an emergency suspension of their liquor license. The club is now for sale.

1600 block of 24th Ave: There has been an increase in drug calls. Officer patrols for this area have increased.

He also urged the community to call and report any criminal activity.

If you have any additions from the meeting that are not here, please post a comment.

More notes on the meeting will be posted at the EPCPC’s website.

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