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Development Update

Here’s the latest activity from the city planning department:

First up is more townhouses (can I hear an Amen?) at 2415 E. Denny Way, basically a block east of 23rd & Madison. But this one confused me a bit because it says it will allow “one, four-unit townhouse.” I always thought the definition of a townhouse was that it was a single unit, but placed very close to other single-unit townhouses.

Next is a much more ambitious proposal to take a single lot and subdivide it into six parcels. The address is 902 13th Ave, at the NE corner of 13th & Marion. Granted, at 7,200 square feet, it’s a fairly large lot for our neighborhood. It will definitely be interesting to see how they fit 6 houses onto one lot like that. hmm…. I wonder what they’ll build on each of those six lots….

And last and certainly least, we have a plan by Seattle U to convert their recently-remodeled warehouse behind the Texaco into administrative offices.

Now we get to wait and see whether they’ll be able to sell any of these units at a profit next year. And if you want to make an official comment on any of the above, follow the links above to submit them to the city.

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