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Why so trashy around here?

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why so many people in the CD don’t give a flyin’ fig what their neighborhood looks like. Trash all over the place. Continuous offenders. Lackadaisical attitudes about it. It’s ridiculous. Then there are moments I nearly want to leap out of my shoes and choak somebody. Namely this one dude. I REPEATEDLY watch from our house as he pulls up in his pimped out black car, parks along our side street, does his “business” (wanna bet it’s not legal?), then proceeds to open the car door and dump his night’s worth of garbage along the curb. Doesn’t even phase him. We’ve been out doing yard work, even picking up OTHER PEOPLES’ trash that’s all over our lawn, when he’s done his junking right in plain sight in the middle of the afternoon. Like we’re his personal cleaning staff. One can’t help but think about retribution, in whatever form that may come. I know there are bigger problems in the CD besides litter, but until people start caring about where they live and how it looks, this area will still carrying a certain level of shame.

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  1. Get outside and take down his license plate number and make/model of the car and call the non-emergency number to report him. Littering is a pricey fine! Take pictures, too, if you’ve got a decent camera/camera phone. Go get him! Don’t be afraid!

  2. Clean it up, turn them in, talk to them , put them on notice. What I usually do is ask them loudly “Were you brought up in a barn?”
    Just say no.
    And yeah pics and police help too. It is NO SMALL THING!!