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23rd & Union Project

It’s been a couple of years since the old earthquake-damaged Coleman building was torn down on the southwest corner of 23rd & Union. Back in the summer we got our first glimpse of what was to come: a six story, 91 unit apartment building with ground floor retail.

It’s a big building: 65 feet tall and underground parking for 95 cars. In fact, the zoning only allows 40 foot height on that spot, so the developer has to get council approval for a rezone.

So a couple of questions:

  • Is the design too big for the neighborhood, or is it worth it to help calm some of the crime issues at that intersection?
  • Does anyone know when the council is supposed to take up the rezone?
  • Did anyone make it to the planning meeting to see how the building will look?

0 thoughts on “23rd & Union Project

  1. Does anyone know the likelihood of getting a P-Patch community garden started there instead? Or pperhaps across the street on Union behind the gas station where there is another vacant lot? gardens are another way to beautify the community and get more people knowing their neighbors.

  2. I think a P-patch would be tough. The current owners paid $1,040,000 for the property last year. Turning into a p-patch would require the city or some other altruistic individual to buy it and then let the neighborhood use it for free.

    Also – any concerns about a p-patch working at such a high-traffic intersection?

  3. Christina, if it helps, I received some info today that a P-patch is going to be developed at 25th and Spring. But, crossing 23rd might be a pain.

  4. I believe that behind the gas station on the corner of 22nd & Union, there used to be a kinda P-Patch. If I recall correctly, about 2 or more years ago, there were plants and garden stuff there that were planted either by school kids or a boyscout group or something along those lines? It has since fallen into just another vacant space. I think a new P-Patch there is a great idea, though.