Help me find "Kitty"Lost Tuxedo Cat 16th & E.Pike

I have lost my cat! he walked out the door late Thursday May5th early morning Friday May6th between 2 & 3AM

He does NOT go on walk abouts here so I am worried. He is a big hearty cat weighs about 15lbs nice clean shiny coat, he has white socks black atop & white on the underneath like a vest & a loin cloth. As well as  a long solid black tail.(Which he does not appreciate having touched) & will not make a fuss. half of his nose is pink & the other half is black. His eyes are vibrant green. he is a very well natured cat so  he will come to you (I think) he responds to kitty, Mir & meow. He is very friendly so I can understand if someone took him in. I’m sure he is cold, wet & hungry. He is not a stray & this should be obvious. He may not know how to get home as he has not been out here & now my sent is everywhere from the search. I tied a shirt to our stair railing last night for a sent & someone has stolen it. :(

I have posted fliers, put an add on Craigslist, went to the shelter & talked with people in the neighborhood plus this so please keep a look out or open some stuff up maybe he got in & can’t get out. or does someone think they are “helping”

PLEASE! I need my cat. no he is NOT chipped but will be after this fiasco 

-Sarah :(