Neighborhood Watch???? Do we have one???

Summer is here and have been hearing plenty of stories going around that there has been a lot of trespassing and bulguries…DO we have a neighborhood watch program happening???? and what are the bloody police doing???? are there more police on foot??? I’ve never seen a polic beat around teh area and if i do there are in their cars speeding down the street missing all the crimes hiding in the bushes….we need polic on the beat, walking, riding their bikes in the neighborhood…this is appaling…….

Alley garages

I have another question and want to get peoples opinions and if anyone has actually done it. Question is we are looking into creating a car-spot/garage at the back of a house we want, do i have to get a permit from the city if yes how long does that take? the house has an alley behind it several homes have garages already, we dont so what is the actual process do we start digging up the space, do we need permits ??? any info would be great

Parking in the central district

Wanted to get peoples opinion regarding parking in the central district area. We are looking to buy a home in the area but are really finding it hard to get over the fact that many homes in the central district do not have a garage and street parking is crazy with both lanes being used to park cars and it always seems to be that the streets are always full of cars and no place to park even in front of the home you own!!!! Is teh central district going to be permit parking in the future??? Is it already??? what do you do do you ask the owner of the car thats parked in front of your home to move so that you have your “allocated space”???? also what about car thefts? dmages? wheels being stolen?? have head a lot of examples that this happens alot in the area?? can anyone confirm this????

School District Question

Heelo just wanted to tray and get any information regarding the school districts in teh central area district in particular K-8 are they any good?? We have a new born and are thinking of making an offer on a home we like but biggest problem is the school district we dont have a clue whats good and whats bad…pls any help/advice is greatly appreciated.