Locksmith Scammer Near Judkins Park

Last night at 11:15pm our doorbell rang, along 20th Ave near Judkins Park.  On answering the door I was met with an individual claiming to be a neighbor from just down the road who had locked himself out of his house and was needing to give a locksmith $45 to unlock the door.  Could I please help out with just a few dollars?

This individual (or individuals, all who run a similar scam) has been reported on before by Seattle area community blogs.  I learned of them after being visited at our Capitol Hill condo, before moving to the Central District last September — that time being told he was a janitor who had locked himself out of the nearby Cornish building who had locked himself out.  The individual’s mannerisms lead me to believe it is the same individual.

It appears that his focus has moved to different neighborhoods now.

The individual was non-confrontational and did leave after suggesting just a few dollars, or perhaps even some quarters, but then realizing that no money would exchange hands.  If visited, I would suggest being courteous with any refusal to end the conversation quickly; and, if you choose, call police after closing the door.