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Locksmith Scammer Near Judkins Park

Last night at 11:15pm our doorbell rang, along 20th Ave near Judkins Park.  On answering the door I was met with an individual claiming to be a neighbor from just down the road who had locked himself out of his house and was needing to give a locksmith $45 to unlock the door.  Could I please help out with just a few dollars?

This individual (or individuals, all who run a similar scam) has been reported on before by Seattle area community blogs.  I learned of them after being visited at our Capitol Hill condo, before moving to the Central District last September — that time being told he was a janitor who had locked himself out of the nearby Cornish building who had locked himself out.  The individual’s mannerisms lead me to believe it is the same individual.

It appears that his focus has moved to different neighborhoods now.

The individual was non-confrontational and did leave after suggesting just a few dollars, or perhaps even some quarters, but then realizing that no money would exchange hands.  If visited, I would suggest being courteous with any refusal to end the conversation quickly; and, if you choose, call police after closing the door.

20 thoughts on “Locksmith Scammer Near Judkins Park

  1. you seriously opened your door to a stranger at 11:15 at night???????

    don’t do that!

  2. I hope you called this in. Someone coming to your door asking for money is not normal at 11:15.

  3. Slim to medium build, missing a few teeth, may also have said “I’m gay” when delivering his line of malarkey?

    If so, this is Patrick yet again. He does this everywhere, and has for years. Tell him you’ll be happy to call 911 to help him out of his predicament.

  4. Agreed. I would likely not have answered without the phone in my hand or my dog by my side. The only people who should be knocking on my door at 11:15 pm are my immediate neighbors, (who I know), a relative, or emergency personnel. If it were someone else I would probably take precautions.

  5. This sounds again like Patrick’s MO and description. He approached me last Tuesday at Medgar Evers around noon when I was taking my grandson for a swim. Same story – locked out and needed money for a locksmith. I clearly said no to him and he walked away.
    This is my 3rd encounter with him in the last 5 years. The last one was about a year at when he came to my door at 11 pm. I did not open the door . He left and I called the police.
    I simply don’t give anyone money when I’m approached. I’ve lived in the neighborhood a long time and have my share of being scammed!

  6. Why do you guys keep wasting your time posting about this? There’s like 10 different posts about this and they always get a ton of comments like
    “hey! me too!!!”. Live and learn, kids. Live and learn.

  7. Why do people post about this? Because:
    1. It’s been reported that Patrick lies to people all over Seattle – and the more the word about him gets out, the more likely his patterns can be tracked, and his next targets will recognize his M.O. and discourage his behavior.
    2. It’s also been reported that Patrick’s initially friendly demeanor changes faster than the weather in Montana when he’s confronted with the truth, or told “No.” Several blog posters have said they sensed the potential for physical assault. I believe in listening to my own instincts when it comes to dealing with sketchy behavior, and I appreciate having those instincts confirmed by others.
    3. Knocking on random doors at 11:15PM with some half-assed sob story? Sounds like an ideal opportunity to case people’s homes. “Hmm. Let’s see if a woman lives here here by herself, or if kids have been left at home while Mom and Dad are out.”
    4. Because he’s a damned pain in the ass, and he needs to clean up his act and get into an honest line of work.

  8. How is it that the “humble” man is opposed to speaking freely where the “grumble” man supports his neighbor’s dialog. An interesting hero v. nemesis comic struggle may ensue based on the theme of “no grumble be humble.” I choose grumble simply because humble is currenly subjected to the position of patsy. Until we bring humble to a powerful but graceful postion we must oppose it’s captors. Pick a side people.

  9. Humbo or up or whatever troll name you want to use, not getting the attention you think you need? Here is some for your pathetic life. Happy now?

  10. someone asks you for some dollars, and you call the cops on them?

    that’s disgusting.

  11. If you’re a former CD resident you’d know Patrick and his pathetic “I’m gay and locked out” scam. He’s been doing it for years and years all around here and in other neighborhoods.

    You think it’s ok for a crackhead to knock on your door at 11:15 at night trying to run a scam on you and most likely casing your house?

    why’d you move away from the CD?

  12. I agree with former CD resident. Patrick is just doing what Patrick does. He’s been doing it for a looooong time. Tell me one incident where Patrick has caused real harm to anyone in the neighborhood. In the big scheme of things I don’t see it as a real problem. If you can’t figure out it’s a scam, you might lose a couple bucks. Is that really a big deal? Patrick is not casing houses. Seriously. That’s messed up to say that over and over on here. There are many more relevant problems to focus on.

    Anyone can knock on your door at anytime. Crackhead or not. You don’t have to answer it and you can totally call the cops if that’s your thing. But to encourage everyone to call the cops on him just because he is asking for money is disgusting to me also. That is the most common response when he is brought up on this blog. Call the cops, he’s dangerous. Oh please! Patrick knows how to keep it moving. Why can’t you all do the same?

  13. POw – please explain how you know a crackhead knocking on your door at 11 at night isn’t casing your house. Thanks.

  14. @current… What I said was I know Patrick is not casing houses. At 9 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, or 11 at night.

  15. @ lhunter – have you ever met Patrick? he’s a fucked-up dude chemically, mentally, or both. Try talking to him when he tries his bullshit scam and see for yourself. He’s been doing this shit for years.

    @ Pow – What I said was how do you know Patrick isn’t casing homes, or hasn’t been involved in the many crimes around here?

    Are you Patrick?

  16. Is panhandling legal?
    Panhandling is legal in the City of Seattle unless the panhandler is aggressively begging or obstructing pedestrian or vehicular traffic as stated in the city’s ordinance. **Aggressive begging is defined as “to beg with the intent to intimidate another person into giving money or goods.”** Examples include: touching the person solicited; following the person solicited; using profane or abusive language; using violent or threatening gestures; **or persisting in begging after the person solicited has given a negative response.**

    (Asterisks for emphasis mine.)

  17. Worm. Your initial question above was ‘why do members of the community bother communicating about things like Patrick the scammer.’ The answer is simmpe, because we consider the degenerate Patrick to be suspicious. He may not violate the law but he violates basic civil priciples and we don’t like him around. We want to help others from being scammed and keep Patrick type behavior from being successful. Why wait until he murders somebody. Let’s send him packing now.