All Purpose Pizza in the News

Is there anyone here who reads the physical newspaper any more? If you read the business page on Sunday, you might have seen this story about Kedra, owner of All Purpose Pizza on Jackson Street.

If you can afford to shop at all , please remember how important it is to shop local!  With the new developments coming online on 17th (recently) and 18th (soon), Jackson Street looks to have a fighting chance of becoming a nice mixed-use, urban street.  It would be a crying shame to lose such an original, tasty neighborhood place like All Purpose as a casualty to the recession.  

Please don’t tell me you’re cutting back by getting your pizza from some soulless, multinational, coupon-junk-mailing chain joint! If you’re not going to make your own food, pay the good people in our neighborhood, like Kedra, to make it for you.