37th District Democrat Endorsements

The 37th District Democrats met tonight at Rainier Valley Cultural Center to vote on endorsements of candidates on the ballot in the Central District.  Tonight’s endorsed candidates are:

Seattle Mayor:  dual endorsement:  Joe Mallahan and Mike McGinn.

Seattle City Attorney:  Pete Holmes

Seattle Council #2:  dual endorsement:  Richard Conlin and David Ginsberg

Seattle Council #4:  David Bloom

Seattle Council #6:  Nick Licata

Seattle Council #8:  dual endorsement :  David Miller and Mike O’Brien

Court of Appeals, Div. 1, position 3:  Anne Ellington

King County Exec.:  dual endorsement :  Dow Constantine and Larry Phillips

King County Council #5:  Julia Patterson

Port of Seattle #1:  John Creighton

Port of Seattle #3:  Rob Holland

Port of Seattle #4:  Max Vekich

City of Renton Council #2:  Jim Flynn

City of Renton Council #6:  Terri Briere

City of Renton Municipal Court Judge:  Terry Jurado

City of Tukwila Council #7:  De’Sean Quinn

Seattle School District #5:  Mary Bass

Seattle School District #7:  dual:  Charlie Mas and Betty Patu

The 37th District Democrats meet regularly on the second Monday of the month at the Rainier Valley Cultural Center, 3515 S. Alaska Street, at 7:30 pm. 

Twilight Exit just got its first 911 call.

And I made the call.  

Coming out of Katy’s coffee shop this afternoon, I was nearly run down as I crossed the crosswalk, first by a bike slowly making its way up the hill and then by another bike rider speeding down the hill and yelling at me to “watch out”.   I got in my vehicle and followed him down to 23rd and up 23rd to Cherry, where he ran a red light, stopping cross-traffic.  Along the way I saw several other bikes headed in either direction — far more than normal on a Sunday.   As I passed the Twilight exit on Cherry, I saw a group of a dozen or so bikers gathered in the alley.   I continued on, following the original rider as he turned left on 27th.   When he reached Union, he didn’t stop and cut off a car coming down the hill.   When I caught up to him at 23rd, he told me he was racing and I could “f*** off”.    I decided then to head home, turning left from Union on to 23rd.  While I had the green arrow, another biker cut off the car in front of me as he turned from 23rd onto Union.  As I drove up Cherry, I noticed the other bikers were gone from the alley next to the Twilight Exit.  One guy was sitting on a stool next to a bike and the propped open door on the alley side of the Twilight Exit.   I pulled up to him and asked him about the bar, whether it was open yet.  He said “yeah”, and that he was “here for a bike race”.  

As a former bike racer and a former bike messenger, I love the thrill of a fast ride as much as anyone.  And as an occasional patron of the Twilight Exit at its old location, I had no grudge against the bar and wished it all the best in its new location.  I even tried to organize a welcoming party at the bar on Saturday the 7th, but their opening was delayed until after that date.    I’m not so sure I want to go there now.  What I saw today was ridiculously dangerous.      Is this what we can expect from our new neighbor, the Twilight Exit?

Weather website

I don’t normally forward URLs, jokes, and funny photos, but the this weather blog by a local weather expert is worth following. The blogger, Cliff Mass, provides a detailed narrative of what is happening, what scenarios are likely to happen next, and how likely those scenarios are. Bottom line for tonight:  it won’t be too windy here in the lowlands (winds will be very severe elsewhere) but we’ll see about 2 to 6 inches of snow by morning.