NYR – Check this out!

I am not sure about you but this week I could sure use some motivation to get to the gym.  I am adding another clip from Toby about how Mode Fitness came about.  It has a brief bit about on-line motivation from your gym and will hopefully motivate us all to get moving this week.  Enjoy a little more from Toby.  Again sorry about the video distortion on this video.  

Did you make a New Years Resolution?

This year when I was contemplating 2010 and what I wanted out of 2011 I began my New Years Resolution List.  In this process I realized what I wanted was a New You Resolution (NYR.)  To keep motivated I wanted to invite everyone to my NYR conversation.  The video series I will be loading under this project are from my interview with MODE Fitness Manager Toby Francisco.  Click on the Video to meet Toby and learn a little more about him.  

Toby hails from Alaska where he struggled as a young man with his weight.  He has made a commitment to himself to help others where he has had success.  The videos will introduce you to Toby then lead through a conversation about MODE of Fitness and what it is.   

I will also be interviewing others in the Central District Neighborhood.  The videos the Mode series do look slightly distorted due to operator error.  This will be fixed in future series (Thanks for your forgiveness on the video image).  I am sure Toby would like to hear from you if you have questions so stop in or shoot him an email at [email protected] 

I am interested to hear about your resolutions and what you are changing in the coming year.  If you know of someone you would like to see interviewed please let me know.  You can email me directly at [email protected] 

I hope you enjoy meeting Toby! www.modeoffitness.com

Central District Community Building

Farewell to 2010 and time to burp the baby 2011!  First I would like to commend Gordon for his honesty.  It takes character to express your feelings and frustrations in an open forum with your true identity.  Kudos.  I am curious what are some ideas community members have about getting out and meeting their neighbors.  The idea is to build community and minimize cultural barriers.  In the Central District we are lucky to have such diversity.  From the National Night Out to the Garfield Community Center activities, it appears these activities are not working in broad scope.  

Maybe organizing progressive dinners, meetings at Twilight or the soon to arrive bakery on 23rd, (my favorite idea) a wine walk around your block with your neighbors.  These are just some thoughts.  I am very curious what you, the community would like to see.  

Better yet, make it a Resolution to reach out to one neighbor every month.  Have coffee in your kitchen, a cocktail in your dinning room, or a lunch in your living room.  Let’s hear what you have in mind.