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Did you make a New Years Resolution?

This year when I was contemplating 2010 and what I wanted out of 2011 I began my New Years Resolution List.  In this process I realized what I wanted was a New You Resolution (NYR.)  To keep motivated I wanted to invite everyone to my NYR conversation.  The video series I will be loading under this project are from my interview with MODE Fitness Manager Toby Francisco.  Click on the Video to meet Toby and learn a little more about him.  

Toby hails from Alaska where he struggled as a young man with his weight.  He has made a commitment to himself to help others where he has had success.  The videos will introduce you to Toby then lead through a conversation about MODE of Fitness and what it is.   

I will also be interviewing others in the Central District Neighborhood.  The videos the Mode series do look slightly distorted due to operator error.  This will be fixed in future series (Thanks for your forgiveness on the video image).  I am sure Toby would like to hear from you if you have questions so stop in or shoot him an email at [email protected] 

I am interested to hear about your resolutions and what you are changing in the coming year.  If you know of someone you would like to see interviewed please let me know.  You can email me directly at [email protected] 

I hope you enjoy meeting Toby!

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