Restoring architectural beauty

Today as I sat at the light at 23rd and Yesler, as I often do, the sunlight bathed the restored houses on the NW corner.  From dilapidated dumps to art project to high quality affordable condos, the developers did the neighborhood a huge service.  When they were finished (maybe 7 years ago?) I was just hoping they were done right, not just a cosmetic upgrade.  So far, they seem to be holding up very well. 

This is one of my favorite changes in the neighborhood architecture in the last ten years.  What are yours?

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Man Assaulted in the 700 block of 28th S – Updated

Saturday 4:05 AM heard a gunshot following lengthy arguing somewhere in area. I am in 700 block of 30th S. Fire real time 911 shows response to assault with weapon at 7xx 28th South at 4:17. Any information?

Update by scott: I’ve been spending the last hour trying to piece this one together. Here’s the outline:

  • 3:30am – 2600 block of S. Lane – Possible robbery in progress. Report of 5-6 males accosting another male. Suspects described as black males, 18-20s, on in white tank stop & shorts, other in white t-shirt.
  • 3:37am – Another caller says that a group of males is carrying an unconscious male
  • 3:45am – Police get information that the victim in the assault may have gone to Harborview for treatment. An officer sent there to check it out later reports that the victim had been there but refused treatment and left.
  • 4:05am – Officers investigating the original crime hear shots fired from about 100 feet away and around the corner from them. A white van was seen leaving the area. They think the shots may have been targeting people that police had been interviewing.
  • 4:08am – The van is stopped at MLK & Lane, occupants detained, but the van checks clear after a search.
  • Witnesses say the shooter was a black male, wearing a red sports jersey and jeans
  • 4:15am – Caller in the 700 block of 28th South reports there’s a man in their backyard.
  • 4:17am – Police arrive and find a man with a gunshot wound lying next to the house in the 700 block of 28th S. A gun is recovered, and shell casings are found about 30 feet from the victim.
  • 4:20am – Police realize that the victim with the gunshot wound is the same one from the previous incident that had refused to stay at Harborview. Medics were brought in to treat him, but his current condition is unknown.
  • 4:25am – Police determine that there’s a second outstanding suspect who is likely the shooter. Homeowner said he heard shots fired and saw a man running through his backyard, jumping over his fence.

Update x2: by scott – I think this is going to be downgraded a bit. According to an SPD source I spoke to this afternoon, the man involved was highly intoxicated and may have been the only party involved in the shooting. i.e, although a gun and a shell casing were recovered, it appears that they both belonged to the victim.