Seattle University Bias Crime Advisory

As a Seattle U student I get these updates every time they occur. Here’s the latest one:

“Seattle Police Department advised Campus Public Safety they are investigating a report of a Simple Assault—Bias Crime that occurred last Sunday, Feb. 22. The victim, a non-SU affiliate, reported to police he was walking eastbound at 13th and E. Columbia when he passed two men who made derogatory remarks regarding sexual orientation to him. The victim ignored the comments and continued walking. The victim was then suddenly attacked from behind. The victim reported the two male suspects repeatedly punched him in the head and body while continuing to make derogatory remarks about sexual orientation. The victim described the attackers as two Caucasian males in their 20s. Both suspects were described to have a very strong odor of marijuana. The victim reported fighting back and that both males ran from the scene in an unknown direction.”

I really appreciate the job SU does in keeping their students informed. If I remember correctly, SU Campus safety is among the best in the nation.

20-Cent Seattle Bag Fee

“Legislation approved by the City Council will launch a 90-day campaign to educate residents and shoppers before a 20-cent per bag fee goes into effect on Jan. 1.

A ban on plastic foam food take-out containers and cups also will take effect that da[y] [sic]. However, a ban on plastic meat trays will be delayed for a year, allowing stores time to figure out alternatives.

The 20-cent fee would be charged at grocery, drug and convenience stores. “

So, who is for or against this ban?

2009 King County Sheriff’s Budget Proposal

Just wanted to give a heads up regarding the potential budget cuts affecting the King County Sheriff’s Department. According to King County Sheriff Sue Rahr, “under orders from the county budget office to trim spending in the face of a projected $68 million revenue shortfall, Rahr said she plans to eliminate at least 20 sheriff deputy positions, disband a domestic-violence unit and cut back on investigations into drugs, organized crime and ‘cold cases.'”

How do you think these proposed budget cuts will affect the CD?